Frequently Asked Questions

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VYNK CHAIN (VYNC) is a native token of VYNSAFE, a Decentralized Crypto Bank where you can open a crypto savings account along with you can lend, borrow, and stake the crypto assets.

The VYNC works on the basis of a smart contract, A smart contract is a code that is stored in the blockchain, it executes when the conditions align with the pre-set terms and conditions.

YES!! VYNK CHAIN works on smart contracts to provide top-notch security and to top this up VYNK CHAIN secure blockchain consensus called DPos this young technology helps in building the trust between the members of the network.

VYNK CHAIN is an ALL-IN-ONE platform where you get access to several e-commerce products/services and crypto banking services. And it's a native governance token of the complete VYNK Ecosystem.

VYNK CHAIN can be used in almost every e-commerce service/product and VYNK CHAIN is coming up with some exciting projects which ultimately increase the demand of the platform in the marketplace, so make sure to invest in the right time.

Just like any other crypto platform, you can make passive income by depositing your assets, once you have done with depositing you will earn a certain amount depending on the market demand. You can also use your deposit as collateral assets in order to borrow.

We as a team work for customer satisfaction and we ensure to take every single step to cut down the risk there can be a few risks regarding the smart contract and liquidation, but we have an expert team at our disposal to handle any kind of situation that causes trouble to you so, you make your investments without any worries.

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