The Team

At VYNK CHAIN we work as a team with vision and each of us brings a great set of skills to the table. We concentrate on the “ real-time” issues faced by the users and come up with unconventional ways to solve the problems and to be most reliable and accurate at all times we work hard and analyse the patterns that brings success.

White Paper


frame of ico

VYNK CHAIN embraced the young technology and pulled out every thread that leads to multiplying the efficiency of the platform,

Trust and transparency are two things we believe in and we designed the platform in such a way that every user in the network can feel safe and secure while trading.

The platform runs on smart contract that takes care of security and anyone in the network can fetch other user profile if they see any red flags, this doubles the transparency and makes you invest without any uncertainty.

To make you as happy as lark we work with lighting speed and make the platform super-efficient, systematic, and more structured.

Global Community

VYNKCHAIN went on by spreading its wings and building its own empire across 40 countries stretching across the US, UK, Africa, and Asia.

VYNKCHAIN got its way around legitimate and authentic investors by coming up with realistic plans. A well-organized management system and anticipated advantages that tagged along this innovative project drew a lot of attention.

The execution of the project excited many visionaries and brought us together. We work to provide a quick and quality platform where one can surf through without any hassle.

Latest version of Whitepaper will be updated soon.